CBD for Pets: What Is It and What Does It Do?

Posted by Top CBD Deals
January 26, 2020

CBD For Pets – What is it?

If you’ve read our first post, then you already know a little about how CBD interacts with the human body, and you can tell your cannabinoids from your endocannabinoids. But what about CBD for Pets? What many people don’t know is that this process isn’t unique to humans: all mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), meaning that cats, dogs, and a whole host of other furry friends react to CBD in many of the same ways that people do.

How does CBD affect pets?

With up to half of households in the UK and US having at least one pet, CBD remains a mostly unexplored avenue when our cats and dogs become sick, or even just to promote their general wellbeing. Just like with humans, multiple studies have shown that CBD has a powerful painkilling and anti-inflammatory effect in animals.

That anti-inflammatory aspect can be especially helpful for older dogs, especially larger breeds like the Labrador or German Shepherd, which are often susceptible to arthritis as they age – an ailment which can completely minimise a dog’s quality of life. The standard treatment for this would be a series of prescribed NSAIDs, which can have some nasty side effects, from skin irritation to seizures.

CBD or Traditional Treatments?

Hydrotherapy – light exercise in water, with an aim to reduce pressure on the animal’s joints through buoyancy – has been growing as a popular treatment for arthritis or degenerative joint disease in dogs for quite some time now. But more and more pet owners are combining this therapeutic exercise regime with CBD treatments, administered at home with other natural supplements, such as omega 3 fatty acids and glucosamine. By boosting the activity of the ECS in your pet, CBD can decrease inflammation in their joints and organs.

Research using transdermal CBD gels on rodents at the University of Kentucky in 2016 found this to be the case, and many cat and dog owners will attest to achieving the same results in treating their pets with CBD.

Should I give my pet CBD?

As with any therapy or medication for a pet – and especially a sick one – you’ll need to do some research before deciding just how to treat your pet with CBD. There’s a range of options available, and no one has a bigger or better selection of CBD pet products than the team at Honest Paws, who are dedicated to CBD treatments for animals only.

The #1 Rated CBD Oil and Treats For Pets

From soft chews for dogs, to calming oils for cats (and even horses!), there’s a huge range of CBD solutions for your pet’s problems on offer here: each and every product is composed of 100% natural ingredients, and full third party lab test results are on-hand to prove each product’s purpose. The best part? You can grab an exclusive 15% discount off all their CBD products for pets, right here at topcbd.deals.

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